Technical requirements

Windows operating system

.NET version 4.0 or later (If this requirement is not met, a version update is automatically suggested during the installation process.)

Version history

2.01 & 2.02 (May 2019)

New features:
Closing all open applications windows with the closure of the main window
Real-time synchronization of ‘Invoiced’ entries in the cloud from the reports window (single entries and ‘Mark all as invoiced’)
Securing of synchronization of jobs in the cloud when real-time synchronization is not possible due to network problems or similar

2.00 (March 2019)

New features:
Default value for working week lenght any given weekdays between 1 and 7 days
Weekday grid for modification of workdays and unavailabilities on a weekly basis in the calendar view
Inclusion of the field ‘More information’ in job data in the ‘Report’ view
Memorizing the column choices in the ‘Report’ view and showing the same columns as the last time as default
Updated indexation of synchronization in the cloud

Correction of a working time calculation error when inserting a new job from the calendar view by clicking on a day
Enhanced reliability of synchronization of ‘Invoiced’ entries of jobs

1.85 (September 2018)

New features:
Highlighting of ‘Save’ button in the ‘Setup’ window
Copy customer feature

Moving from hours to minutes in the job tracker field of the job data window using the ‘Tab’ button
Bug fix of job tracker when inserting a new job while tracking is active

1.84 (September 2018)
New features:
English as a language option
New theme colours
New currencies added
Encryption of all data transmission (TLS v. 1.2) instead of critical data only
1.83 (October 2017)

New features:
Job tracker
‘More information’ field in ‘Job data’ window
‘Copy job’ feature
Inserting recurring unavailabilites
Naming part-day unavailabilities
Difficulty factor for areas of specialization
Enhanced column choices in report window

Bug fixes for ‘Working temporary on weekend’ feature
Recovery fix after no network state
Refresh fix of ‘Report’ window
Fix of time zone refresh in ‘Finalizing job’ window
Fix of misleading error message in ‘New job’ window

1.75 (release version, September 2017)