Specializations and topics

Specializations help you track how your work is divided by thematic area. By consistently defining the specializations of your assignments, you are able to gain valuable information for competitive bidding, grant applications or simply marketing your work (see Reports and tips below for more information).
Specializations are added and named similarly to the Language pairs. Click on the Add new specialization button center right of the Setup window. The view shown on the right appears. Enter a name of your choise for the specialization. You can also specify a level of difficulty or time factor (0.1–3.0) if your working speed in this particular specialization differs from the average in either direction. Texts belonging to a specialization that is easier and therefore faster to translate than an average text are assigned a time factor less than 1. If the specialization is more time consuming than your regular work, the factor is set to 1.1 or more. Whooshing Deadlines takes the time factor into account when calculating the time needed for the job, i.e. the bigger the factor, the longer the time. Thanks to the flexibility of the app, the time factor can be readjusted at any point when creating a job or even during the translation process by modifying the job data.

Save the specialization by clicking on Done or press Cancel to return to settings without saving the changes. Remember to save any changes by clicking on Save at the bottom of the Setup window before exiting.

Specializations provide a handy tool for topic- or customer-specific pricing. If you have agreed on a higher or lower rate for translations falling under a particular topic or assigned by a specific end customer, create a corresponding specialization and set a unique price in Customer data.