Setup window functions

This document describes basic settings displayed on the left side of the Setup window that apply to the entire application. Instructions related to language pairs, specializations and customers as well as to entering and managing related data are provided in separate articles.

1. Define default length of your working week by simply checking or unchecking day-specific boxes. The default working week suggested by the app is from Monday to Friday, but you are free to choose whichever days you want. Set the length of your working day to the nearest 30 minutes.

Whooshing Deadlines allocates assignments to the available time period based on their scale and the indicated working speed. The number of weekly working hours can be freely defined from 0 to 7 * 24 hours of work. Both the number and length of workdays are easy to adjust ‘on the fly’ directly from the Calendar view. The values should be realistic regarding both the number and length of days and the estimated pace of work (see Language pairs). For job scheduling purposes, it is probably very useful to calculate the standard working day by counting the hours you usually have for performing billable work, excluding the time dedicated to ‘paperwork’, marketing and similar. For instructions on how to adjust the length of the working week and day without going to Setup, please see Absences.

2. Next, select the default invoicing unit, that is, the ‘unit of measure’ you use most often to invoice or outline your work. When a new job is created, the app automatically adds this invoicing unit to the assignment data. The unit can always be changed and replaced with one of the other available units. These include page, word, row, hour and minute (for subtitling and other similar projects). Thanks to the hour unit, Whooshing Deadlines can also be used to manage interpreting and other hour-based jobs.

3. The App language drop-down menu lets you select the preferred language of use: Finnish or English. ‘Default language’ means the language selection that is compatible with your computer’s operating system (Finnish = Finnish, other languages = English).

4. The free trial version always runs in offline mode and in trial mode. Once you have purchased a license, click the Insert activation code button, type or copy the 20-digit code that you received from us and continue using the app either in online or offline mode.

When the 30-day trial period has expired and you start the application, a pop-up window will appear indicating the end of the free trial period. If you choose not to uninstall the application, this window can be used for entering the activation code you receive after purchasing Whooshing Deadlines.

5. If you want to ‘clean up’ your calendar at regular intervals, you can select the desired period of up to two years. Jobs completed before that time are automatically removed from the application database. This tidying up is not necessitated by any space-related constraints — the database is large enough to accommodate all past and future assignments. You can also choose to delete all saved works at once or reset app to initial settings. Reset to initial settings will not only erase any personalized settings but also the language pairs and customers you have set up. Think twice before hitting that button! We also advise you to occasionally save the data on finished jobs as a report in table format to make sure you can go back to them, if needed.

6. Whooshing Deadlines theme colour options include grey (default), green, orange, gold, white and brown. To change the colour, open the menu located at the bottom of the Setup window. You can opt to use different colours on different devices or change them to match your mood.

7. By creating a backup, you ensure that your data will not be lost during application updates or transfers from an old computer to a new one. If you use Whooshing Deadlines in offline mode, occasional backups on an external drive or service are particularly recommendable. Simply click Create backup and select a location to save the file. To download a copy of the backup to your new computer, click Open backup.

If you use the registered app in online mode, your local data is automatically synchronized to the database, i.e. the cloud. All files stored in the cloud will stay intact and are backed up automatically, but of course you are also free to play it 100% safe by making your own backups prior to updates and device replacements.

8. Remember to apply any new settings or changes by clicking Save. To ignore them, press Cancel. Any setting changes will highlight the Save button to make it easier to remember to click it.