With Whooshing Deadlines, you are able to create customers and save language pair- and specialization-specific prices for each. To create customers, click on the Add new customer button located on the right side of the Setup window. A new window opens for entering customer data. All fields are optional and the extent of information provided totally up to you. You can edit the existing data at any time by clicking on Modify customer. Clicking on the Delete customer button removes all data, including the customer’s name. Up and down arrows allow you to organize your customer list: select a customer by clicking on the name and move them up or down in the list with the arrows.
Each customer can be uniquely identified by entering a name of your choice in the data input window. You can select the correct invoice currency from a list of the 20 most traded currencies and create a customer-specific minimum price. Time zone selection facilitates the management and scheduling of jobs for customers in different continents. If a customer is assigned a time zone other than the default one (zone displayed by your computer), deadlines are automatically displayed in both the zones, yours and the customer’s. Clicking on the New price button (bottom right image) allows you to enter customer-specific prices.
Language pairs and specializations are displayed in drop-down menus. Please note that you can only enter prices if you have saved language pairs and/or specializations in the Setup window! Check one or both boxes to the left of the drop-down menus to define prices for language pairs, specializations or their combinations. You can use any pricing units, that is, fill in the price boxes or leave them blank, as you please. In the adjacent example, the customer has been defined a price per page, word and hour in en-fi language pair.

When done, click on Save. You can continue entering prices in the Customer data window by selecting New price, modify previously entered data by clicking on Edit price or omit price data by selecting Delete price. Once finished, click on Done to exit the Customer data window. Remember to save the changes by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the Setup window, or click on Cancel to ignore them.


If you and a translation agency, for instance, have agreed on a special price for specific specializations or end customers, start by saving the translation agency’s basic data and then the necessary specializations/end customers in Setup under Specializations. (End customer = ‘Specialization’!) Then, return to customer data by clicking on the customer’s name in Setup window and select Modify customer. In Customer data input window, click on New price and then check the Language pair and Specialization boxes on the left. From the displayed drop-down menus, select the correct language pair and specialization/end customer and enter the agreed price for the combination. All subsequent jobs created under this customer, language pair and specialization will automatically use the special pricing.