Whooshing Deadlines – Translators’ Calendar keeps track of your ongoing projects and helps you manage your time.

Whooshing Deadlines is an agile and adaptable project management tool designed especially for freelance translators. It resembles the software programs used by translation agencies, but does not feature functions which are unnecessary or excessively complicated from an individual translator’s perspective. The desktop application, designed to run in Windows environment, allows you to enjoy the full array of functions for a one-time fee.

The idea behind Whooshing Deadlines is to meet the needs of as many translators as possible. When it comes to organizing their work and managing their time, professional translators employ a variety of methods to provide services to highly diverse sets of clients. Of course, because by definition itself translating is an international activity, Whooshing Deadlines supports projects across different time zones and currencies. With the exception of a few basic data fields, all settings can be configured “on the go”, on a project-by-project basis, making Whooshing Deadlines highly adaptable to changing situations and requirements.

The cloud service used to manage the application runs on a Finnish server in Whooshing Deadlines’ own database.

Features of the application

Whooshing Deadlines is a desktop application for Windows which can be purchased by means of a one-time fee and downloaded onto your computer. Once you have registered the application, all your settings and work files will be stored on both your PC and in real time in a database running on a reliable Finnish server, while in online mode. If you work on more than one computer, you can always access the latest data from all the computers on which you have installed the application, because the data is automatically synchronized across the devices. The registered application also works in offline mode if you prefer to store the data only on your computer, without the cloud backup service. Logins and user names are not required after the initial registration. The Job tracker enables you to monitor the time you spend on each assignment while the Reporting function assists you for invoicing and lets you measure and control the profitability of your work.

Operating principle and installation

The application is easy and quick to set up as there are only a few mandatory basic settings. The first thing to do is to go to the Settings and define the length of your working day and week. Your projects will be displayed in the Calendar view based on these settings. Next, save your language pair(s) and your average translation speed as words, pages, rows or minutes (for subtitling) translated within a working day. You are now ready to begin scheduling your work and calculate offers concerning deadlines! Whooshing Deadlines allows you to set up as many customers and specializations as necessary, and define language pair-specific rates for each one in invoicing units of your choice. A minimum rate can be set separately for each customer.

From planning and monitoring to invoicing

In addition to scheduling and deadline assessment, the application provides a handy tool to monitor the progress of different projects. The Job tracker calculates the actual time you have spent on an assignment. Your current order book is displayed in the timetable view or can be retrieved through reports. The Reporting function provides valuable information such as the amount of jobs per customer, language pair or specialization over a specific time period, or assignments that are currently in progress or already completed and their respective prices. All this information can be copied to the clipboard and exported to a spreadsheet for invoicing purposes, for example.

To find out more about the useful features of Whooshing Deadlines, test it for free or check out our extensive user guide and FAQ.