FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for the app?

Whooshing Deadlines runs on all Windows OS versions, as long as .NET 4.0 or a more recent version thereof is installed. In practical terms, this means all operating systems from Windows Vista onwards.

Are there frequent updates? How do I gain access to them?

Updates are published in order to fix any bugs or malfunctions when these are reported and the issues have been solved. New features or fucntionalites can be included as well. They will be described in the version history on our website.

Once Whooshing Deadlines has been installed on your computer and a new version of the app becomes available, you will be notified about this in a pop-up window when you launch the app. You can opt for immediate, automatic installation by clicking on the ‘Update now’ button, or download the WhooshingDeadlinesSetup.exe installation file via the link in the window for it to be installed later at your convenience. If you want to run the automatic installation or to download the file later, close the pop-up window by clicking on the cross in the upper-right corner or on the ‘Exit’ button. If you don’t want to receive any further reminders about the update version, tick the box marked ‘Do not show this notification again’. Please note that in this case you will need to run a manual installation through our download webpage in order to gain access to the version update in question.

If you have added the desktop icon for the app to the taskbar on your computer, you will have to add it again after installing the new version. We apologize for the inconvenience!

What happens when the free trial expires after 30 days?

The duration of your remaining trial period is shown in the top bar of the main window of the app. If you don’t purchase a licence for Whooshing Deadlines during the free 30-day trial period, the app will cease to function and will have to be reactivated. A window in which to type in your activation code will appear on the screen. You will receive this personal code via email upon purchasing Whooshing Deadlines in our webshop. After activating it, you can continue to use the app as before, including online functionalities. All of the data you added to the app during the trial period will remain available to you.

What do I do, if my virus detection software claims the app is a malware and prevents installation?

Whooshing Deadlines has been officially certified as safe software; both the app and the installation package come with a digital signature. Despite this, a virus protection software or a firewall on your computer may find it suspicious, due to the relatively small user community. Virus databases and data security software are updated on a running basis, so a newer version may prevent installation of an app that an earlier version allowed. Even a new update of Whooshing Deadlines might be wrongfully detected as a potential virus, whereas the previous version was cleared.

Whooshing Deadlines is a safe application. If the need arises, you can ask your own data security provider to analyze it by submitting to them the .exe installation file, or contact us in order to clarify the issue.

The most widely used virus protection software has been tested with the app. If problems arise (for the reasons described above) and you are unable to proceed with installation, you can try switching off your virus protection for the period of installation. Just remember to switch it back on immediately after completing installation.

What is the recommended length of a workday?

Time management with Whooshing Deadlines is based on the length of each translator’s workday and working speed. These user-defined values are used when calculating the time needed for the completion of any given task.

As an independent translator, you should always take into account other daily chores apart from translation work. These include financial management, correspondence, marketing and maintaining and updating your professional skills, among many others. If you prefer to stick to a total of eight hours of work a day, the share of your translation work would be six hours, for instance. The length of the workday specified in the ‘Setup’ window of Whooshing Deadlines refers to the average daily amount of translation work. In the example above you should specify six hours as the length of your workday as a translator.

If you have trouble estimating your use of time and how it is divided between tasks, it is a good idea to track it for a week or two. You can use the tracking function of Whooshing Deadlines to this end by creating a ‘job’ for each task you would like to follow up on, or simply use a clock, pen and paper or any available digital tool.

Help! I'm still working after hours even though I'm using Whooshing Deadlines!

Sorry, but Whooshing Deadlines doesn’t absolve you of your own responsibility in deciding how to spend your time!

The app is designed to visualize your total workload in order to avoid overbookings. The reports available in the system give you a quick overview of your projects and their value. This helps you decide whether you need to accept a project for financial reasons.

After selecting your regular working days (any given days in a week) in the ‘Setup’ window, you can easily modify the selection on a weekly basis if, as an exception, you need to work on a weekend, for example. You can easily mark any weekday as a working day in a given week using the weekday grid in the calendar view. All workdays are taken into account in scheduling of your jobs. If the need to work longer hours continues, you can also modify your workdays and/or workday length under ‘Setup’ to avoid making the changes separately for each week.

Whole or partial days can be marked as ‘not available’ at any time by clicking on the yellow character above the day concerned. They will be deducted from the total amount of available working hours when scheduling your jobs.

How long will the app be supported and available for use?

Although Whooshing Deadlines was only released relatively recently, it was launched with long-term plans in mind. The publisher does not foresee maintenance of the product being discontinued. However, as a small-scale software publisher, we reserve the right to stop offering the product in any force majeure situation without notifying users about it in advance. Your locally installed copy will still function on your computer in the event that we are forced to discontinue maintaining the application database.

Can I share my calendar with a colleague?

There is nothing to stop you from sharing your Whooshing Deadlines calendar with a trustworthy colleague, as long as you purchase a licence for the app, activate it on both computers using the same registration code and only use it in online mode. In this case you will share and be able to modify the same data – i.e. any changes, additions and deletions will be visible to both of you. However, in its present form, Whooshing Deadlines is primarily designed for use by just one person. Sharing the app with someone else may prevent you from making the best use of its functions, and close attention will be required from both users.

Can I purchase a mobile version of Whooshing Deadlines?

For now, Whooshing Deadlines is only available as a desktop version for Windows. A browser version with somewhat reduced functionalities is in the pipeline and it should be able to be used on mobile devices as well, but a publication date is yet to be set.

I updated the app and it's no longer on my taskbar. What should I do?

This is a known issue: the installation wizard we use causes the icon to disappeare from the taskbar after every update. Unfortunately, adding it again after running the update is your only option.