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The technical mastermind behind Whooshing Deadlines is seasoned software engineer Jussi Vuori. He has been working as both a software and hardware developer in Finnish and multinational companies for decades. In Jussi’s opinion, every application should be developed and implemented in a way that abolishes the need for user guides. He feels that developers should, above all, understand the users of applications and their needs. In addition to all the technical wizardry the app involves, its buzzing name also popped out of Jussi’s mind!

The woman who came up with the idea for Whooshing Deadlines and who serves as the voice of users is translator and conference interpreter Anna Mäntynen. As a multitasker in the field of translation services, she has a lot of scheduling to do all the time. Whooshing Deadlines was originally tailored as a “life management app” for Anna to juggle translation deadlines in the midst of interpreting assignments, teaching work and running her own company, Translato Oy.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

–Douglas Adams

The publisher of the app and the owner of the auxiliary company name Whooshing Deadlines is Translato Oy. The limited liability company under the Finnish law is based in Tampere, Finland and is owned and managed by Anna Mäntynen.

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