Looking for ways to organize and structure your translation schedules or tools to evaluate your productivity?

Do you repeatedly end up taking on too much work or rejecting offers because you are not sure whether you will be able to meet the deadlines – even if you actually had plenty of time to do so? Is billing a pain due to all the project details you need to note down on the invoices? Do you want to find out what your real hourly rate is and how it varies from customer to customer?

is a time and project management application tailored for freelance translators. It simplifies invoicing and allows you to keep track of your productivity as well.

The Calendar view enables you to see your ongoing projects at a glance and react to invitations to tender immediately. The job tracker tells you how much time each assignment has actually taken – because, after all, time is money! In the Reporting section, you can view your jobs and time consumption per customer, language pair and specialization, as well as compile data on completed jobs for invoicing.

Don’t let translation projects control your life!

The app


Whooshing Deadlines is an innovative time management tool designed especially for translators so they can monitor their projects and the time spent on them. Here, we will tell you more about the philosophy of the application, its basic setup, job handling tools and reporting features.

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Test it!


Unlike the bulk of programs available, Whooshing Deadlines is a standalone software program you buy only once. No recurring monthly or annual fees! You can test the application for free for 30 days almost without restriction before you purchase it.

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We modified our pricing model and are now able to offer you the licence for our Whooshing Deadlines app for the price of €60 only! Download the app for testing or go ahead and buy it here. Please read the information regarding VAT on our webshop page.

If you don’t find the information you are looking for on this website, you can always ask. Just drop a line to us at info@whooshing.fi or use our contact form!

Whooshing Deadlines was developed to help out a stressed translator whose piled-up projects started to affect both her personal and professional life.

To her rescue came an experienced software engineer who believes that the best applications are pragmatic, uncomplicated and easy to use.

The translator and the engineer put their heads together and came up with an intuitive “life-management solution” which other translators are now also able to enjoy. Find out more about the developers here!